Atticus Killough a Servant Leader and Successful XanGo Field Leader

Atticus Killough may very well be one of, if not the greatest system builder in all of MLM through his company cash cow enterprises. Yet, most people only see him as a great leader at XanGo.

I remember meeting Atticus for the first time, after he had created an online system with Kim Klaver back at the turn of the century. Overnight Atticus Killough’s system revolutionized the way all MLM Lead Companies delivered their leads. Back then he was known as the “Web Guy.”

Atticus Killough the Web Guy

It was funny now that I look back at it, but at the time it sure caused some headaches for those of us dealing with lead duplication.

In 2004 Atticus got a call from his good friend Glenn Sparks, telling him about a new company called XanGo, which had a rocking new juice which had changed his life. Well it wasn’t to long before Atticus found out first hand what Glenn was talking about, and the rest is history.

Today, Atticus is still building a successful XanGo business, but what I love about this man more than his success in MLM, is his success as a father, husband and his servant leadership.


For the last decade I have watched Atticus walk his walk. He saves money, gives to charity, focuses on his kids, and supports his wonderful wife in her own passions in life.

I have always looked at Atticus Killough, as more than just an upline, business associate, or expert in MLM. I look at his as a friend and mentor. Someone who more than once has seen things differently than I have, which has given me a new perspective in which to view my business.

Under Atticus’s leadership style, I have seen countless part-time Network Marketers go from a part-time income, to full-time MLM Professionals.

Atticus, is one of the few top earners in MLM, who truly focuses more on those around him, than he does his own success. He is a living, breathing example of… Paying It Forward.

Atticus Killough, is someone who knows how to lead people, by building trust and respect.

Atticus Killough Destin

If you have never met Atticus, then you should take a few minutes to check him out on Facebook or his website. Even if you are not looking for a new company, Atticus is the type of friend you should connect with.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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