Are Women Marketers Really Gold Digging Money Hungrey MLM Divas

Yesterday I wrote an article titled “Six Desires Women Really Want From A MLM Business Opportunity” where I shared the foundation of how to market to women professionally and with respect.

However… Today I want to cover a different side of women. A side which, men in Network Marketing think they understand, but my research has proven otherwise.

Girl & Car

Todd Falcone created a CDs series a few years ago called “Diva’s of MLM“, and sold a boatload of CDs. It raised an important question with me – “Are the majority of women MLMers really Gold Digging, Money Hungry Divas, or are they women focused on a crusade to change their world?

Here is what I have discovered…

Hot Divas of MLM

Women in Network marketing are more interested, than just bringing home the bacon, or being known are Divas. As a matter of fact the DSA recently did a blind survey which has revealed some great insight into what motivates women to do what they do.

They interviewed 2000 women in direct sales and here are the results based on what is most important to women in Network Marketing today

Time – “I’m in control of my time.” Women want to be in control of their time more than anything else. Most women are, either part of a dual-income family or raising their family as a single mom, quality and quantity time with their families is more important than ever.

Building A Better World – This is the second most important factor in why women enter and succeed in MLM. Women, are created as givers, not takers, and when they find a company who has the same values as they do, then you have a match made in heaven.


Finances – If you listen to the CD series I mentioned above you would think making “significant income” is what is most important. However, in the DSA survey it came in 14th. However, earning “EXTRA INCOME” has always been a top motivator, but in today’s MLM world the motivation behind earning extra income has changed. If you look back just 8 years ago women were looking for extra income to buy more things to make their homes look good, or to make themselves or family members look good.

Today, women are driven to earn extra income so they can pay off debt, and to gain better control of their personal and family’s financial destiny. The numbers that an Edinburgh accounting firm finds out, about how much women have to spend, corroborates the fact.

Something else I found interesting in my research is the fact, after years of being taught “don’t talk about how much money you make” women today are proud to share about their financial successes.

Fairness – Fairness is something very seldom found in “Corporate America.” So when women learn that in the Network Marketing profession we pay the person, not the position, they usually succeed at levels even they sometimes never expected.

On the other hand, if at any time a female MLM distributor feels she has been treated unfairly, it is very hard to earn her trust back, and in most cases she will leave and take her organization with her.

Remember, women build deep and lasting relationships, so when one of mistreated, her friends will take it personal and leave with her.

Now, there is a time when the above principle can be violated. If a woman comes into MLM from a bad relationship (personal or business) she sometimes has a hard time believing that she can make the world a better place, and will self-sabotage her own success and those around her.

So remember “Fairness” is just as important to women as her family. Besides haven’t you ever hear “Nothing is more deadly than a women scorned!” 🙂

Recognition – Most women (men for that matter) do not receive enough personal recognition for the work they do. If a woman is a stay-at-home-mom, most people will never see or understand all she does. If she works for Corporate America then she is always bumping her head against the glass ceiling, and fighting off the blows of the corporate politics.

Girl & Car

So when they come to Direct Selling, and receive recognition for their hard work, two things happen. First their self-esteem is given a much needed, and well desired boost. They realize they can succeed and change their world. The second thing it does, is show her family just how important she is, and in most cases they start to look at her in a whole new light.

So ladies the next time you take the kids to soccer practice, wash five loads of clothes, home-school your kids, or take a verbal beating from your corporate boss, just remember… You are LOVED by your team!

Now don’t get me wrong, we still have room for improvement here in MLM. And men, we need your help in making these improvements.

It is up to us who love this profession to share with others the unlimited possibilities people of all backgrounds have to change their lives, and to replace their full-time nightmares with part-time dreams.

So my final conclusion is this… Women are not money hungry, gold digging divas. They are the backbone of the network marketing profession and the future of America.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader

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6 thoughts on “Are Women Marketers Really Gold Digging Money Hungrey MLM Divas”

  1. This was an insighful post. As a women that comes from a finance consulting background that primarily is after the money, I have trouble relating to other women and most of my active downtime is men. This helps sheds some light on why it has worked out that way.
    My recent post If I can get Antioxidants from Foods, Why Should I Supplement?

  2. Really enjoyed this post Troy! And I agree, the single most motivating thing for me is finding more time… time truly is an unrenewable resource and I want to spend it wisely.

  3. Donnie,

    I fully agree with you. The other interesting thing, is there are more severl figure female earners then men 🙂

    Some of the best leaders I have ever followed have been women… My wife and two daughters have me trained well.

    Seriously, women are great leaders and if we, men would slow down to listen we might learn a thing or two.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Never Give Up,


  4. 80% of all sales made in mlm and Direct sales are made by women, theses are DSA numbers. They are a powerfull force as a group ready to stay the course, I would never underestimate the power of a women lead organization. I would advise all leaders to look for women leaders to help develope your groups and organizations to build the true residual incomes we all desire.

    Donnie Walker

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