Are Melaleuca Leaders Jerry & Evelyne Ball Also Top Leaders In INVISUS Direct

Over the last week I have received several phone calls about Melaleuca leaders Jerry & Evelyne Ball, and I want to set the record straight.

As most of you who read my blog on a regular basis know, I happen to help lead the largest team in INVISUS Direct. And over the last few years we have been blessed to attract over 40 of the top six and seven figure earners to our team.

However, Jerry & Evelyne Ball of Melaleuca are not on that list… At least not as Distributors.

Jerry, Eve and I have been friends for years, but out of respect for their love for Melaleuca I have never once tried to recruit them into INVISUS Direct.

However, since INVISUS Direct does offer the world’s first and only Managed Internet & Identity Theft Protection, I did make sure Jerry was one of my clients. And I had him do some web design work for our team.

Jerry & Evelyne Ball have been my clients for years with both INVISUS Direct and MLM Leads, and during this time we have supported them and their Melaleuca team.

Because of the purported and biased rumors that have been running around both online and offline that “Jerry Ball is a distributor in INVISUS”, I asked the Co-Founders of INVISUS Direct to help me set the record straight.

Here is what James Harrison the CEO and Co-Founder wrote to me yesterday.

“From: James Harrison []
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 6:59 PM
To: ‘Troy Dooly’
Cc: Jerry Ball; ‘Jeff Nichols’; Brent Standing
Subject: statement regarding Jerry Ball

To whom it may concern,

Jerry Ball has been a customer of our computer security services for several years. He has never been an independent associate with our direct sales company, INVISUS Direct. Because he is a customer of ours, he has never participated in our income opportunity and cannot be paid anything from our compensation plan.

James Harrison

View Letter Here

I also know that a top Melaleuca leader called INVISUS this week to see if Jerry Ball was a distributor with INVISUS. During the conversation, one of our customer service reps made a statement along the lines of “Yes Jerry is one of our top leaders.” This was a totally false statement, but was based in part because of the web work he has done for our team, and the fact that I have been blessed to have one of Jerry’s close friends John Counts as one of my top leaders, and I have posted several pictures over the years with the three of them together.

John had also submitted a photo a few years ago with both Jerry & Eve included, and the INVISUS web team, just never cropped the picture.

As a Director with the Distributor’s Rights Association (DRA) I found it very unethical for anyone to spread unsubstantiated rumors, knowing that the end result could be the termination of leaders like Jerry & Evelyne Ball.

I just watched this same thing take place at XanGo, and in the XanGo case, a predatory upline who started the rumors, did get one of their leaders terminated, but in the process, they went from a five figure a month income, to a five figures a year income.

Although I can’t prove who started these rumors, I do know for a fact that they were started in the hopes that Jerry & Evelyne would be terminated by Melaleuca based on the Melaleuca Non-Compete Policy.

Unlike some, I do not fault Melaleuca’s President and CEO Frank VanderSloot for creating this Policy, taking it to the Courts and winning. Frank is known as a controversial leader, and not everyone will agree with his values or actions. But as the leader of his company, he is willing to fight for what he believes in. As a matter of fact, that also includes his personal life. People always know where Frank stands on every issue.

So, if anyone has any questions on Jerry & Evelyne Ball, I strongly suggest you call me personally or better yet, call James Harrison the CEO and Co-Founder of INVISUS Direct!

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader
Executive Manager

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