26 thoughts on “Are Dubli and Dubli Network Legit MLM Business Opportunities Or Scams”

  1. Tootsie,

    Regulatory Agencies do not usually tell the public they are investigating a company. After they have gathered all their evidence, they contact the company or get a search warrant to raid the HQ.

    In Dubli's case they are incorporated in the USA, HQ in Dubi, and run their opporation out of Germany, so who knows what is going on.

    So although you are correct with Australia and Canada, this is a internet based company not located in any of the countries you have mentioned. This means when the authorities do step in they will go after the top players in each country, not the company itself.

  2. Does anyone here know of any government authorities in any country taking action against Dubli or any of it's promoters? Australia (ACCC) and Canada (RCMP) are fairly diligent in stopping any pyramid or ponzi schemes,or general scams before they take off. Dubli has been around for sometime now and all I can find on the web are just opinions on forums and blogs. If it was a fair-dinkum scam I would have thought some authorities would have picked up on it by now. Please post links.

  3. Hi JD
    I am also looking at the DubLi opportunity and curious about the experience you had that would have you wanting your money back. What did you find that changed your mind???

  4. Hi Jack Daddy – I have been approached to become involved in Dubli in australia – would be keen to hear about your experiences/thoughts. Thanks

  5. Hi there Troy!

    Interesting thread you have here and I like the short video at the start.

    I have taken part in Dubli in Australia and am wondering is it possible to recoup my initial investment from Dubli? I stupidly thought I did my 'due dilligence' on this 'opportunity', however, I haven't and I was dazzled by what was on offer or what I thought was on offer.

    Keep up the fight


  6. Honour,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    I never stated Dubli was a scam. However, I did state, backed up with links to their website, why DubLi Network would fall into the Scam category.

    I stated the facts clearly, as have many other folks. SInce the original post, the Dubli Network law firm as directly them to make a few changes in some areas. We'll see if they make more.

    As for signing and delivering an affidavit, exactly does that do, which my signed article does not do? The ball is not in my court, it's in Dubli Network. Plus where would I seen an affidavit?

    My statements are in writing, publicly posted for months, and not one person from Dubli Network at a corporate or legal area have stated otherwise.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  7. Honour keeper
    It is in my opinion that Dubli is a legit business in people have the opportunity to join and create a unique rolaty income.
    If anyone wishes to state that Dubli is a scam or a illegal scam and they feel that they have facts not just some way of creating traffic to an area and then re-directing it to a protal to make money. They need to state that in writing to Dubli.

    If they fee so strongly that they want to make a point about Dubli been illegal they should first of all consider placing a sworn affirdavit signed and delivered to Dubli with all their relevant detail and put their money where their mouth is. The legal people at DUbli would love to receive this information and be in contact you and discuss it.

    Mean while if you donnot decide to place all you statements in writing the pleasew refrain from making statements that you are making.

  8. Hey guys,

    I have been doing research into the new Dubli craze and from my view it looks very solid. However, their is one thing that concerns me, there is no INDEPENDENT views available on the Web ! They are either sceptics or dubli associates. The idea it self is fantastic and i do believe it will be a LARGE company however, this does worrie the investor a little.

  9. In order to conduct auctions in the United States of America one needs to be a licensed auctioneer. So, anyone who is a Dubli Rep, will need to become a licensed Auctioneer in the state they reside in as well as the state in which their customers reside. To become licensed one needs to become an auction BEFORE one can attain a license which takes about 2 years since one needs to become an apprentice working under a licensed auctioneer.

  10. I tracked down your original post found here: http://www.mlmhelpdesk.com/2009/06/09/dubli-network-mlm-scam-or-legitimate-mlm-business-update/

    Your research on the original Dutch company making USA it’s home was good information to read. I did not track it down. However I did receive this information.

    I read your responses. It is interesting to think about how Bush & Obama lawyers will state their opinions between what was legal /illegal depending on the polictics of the day and how the courts want to enforce the law that year. I’m sure there are many examples with various issues moving back and forth between the lines of legality acceptable practices.

    The affiliate agreements do make sense now. As long as the company is making them money, they will participate. Otherwise, those contracted companies will be quick to end their relationship and quickly distance themselves if things go sour. Those options sound like normal things for any affiliation to a company.

    Do the AG’s of the states normally issue statements about every company operating within their juristicions? I agree that it would be nice if Michael Hansen could release such statements. Question is, does Coke Cola or E-bay legal departments have such released documents that were signed and stamped with the state’s seal from the AG?

    Basically, the “fictitious currency ” analogy statement used by dubli here( http://us.dubli.com/info/13-Terms-Conditions%20Sub-paragraph) is nothing more than bad wording used to convey the idea in the original document. It can easily be removed and convey the same meaning. For example: “Purchased credits are used in paying for online services (for participating in auctions) offered by DubLi, but not to pay for auction items. “ The working is never used again in the Terms and conditions document.

  11. Camello,

    Dubli, was originally a Dutch company which went bankrupt. They then came to the USA and incorporated in Delaware, which is where they are domiciled today. So based on the fact they are a US based company they must oporate under the Corporate State and Federal laws of the United States of America.

    However, since the company’s administrative headquarters are in Gemany and their Executive offices are in Dubi, all funds flow to offshore banks (or did at the time of my original posts.) This move allows the company to operate around the Patric Act, and does not allow for the Dept of Treasury to make sure money is not flowing from terrorism or illicit activities. It also allows for the potential of a huge money laundrering oporation, which include the development of offshore resorts or aother business activities.

    As for the unregistered Securities… Again had you read my full posts you will realize the company is a USA/Delaware domiciled company. Based on that fact alone the company is marketing worldwide unregistered securities.

    ROFLOL… I fully understand your direction with Amazon.de however, if you fully review and understand affiliate agreements, you will soon see major companies are not to concerned up front who they sign up as affiliates. Each agreement is very clear “if we see something we do not like, we hold the absolute rights to terminate the agreement.” So, I would diagree with you that the Lawyers are concerned or did any due diligence.

    I should also state, if you had read my orignal posts completely you would see where I stated the company is legal. However, when you put a compensation plan to the company, it makes the Dubli Network (not Dubli) an MLM scam. So again read the posts, get some understanding of MLM Laws, and then you’ll better understand where I am coming from.

    But to answer your question more directly. What do the attorney’s have to do with anything? President Bush had great attorney’s who made it very clear “Waterboarding is an acceptable interrogation method.” Then along comes President Obama, and he brought in his great attorney’s and they made it very clear “waterboarding is not an acceptable interrogation method, and the the former attorney’s and administration should be charged with crimes.”

    Attorney’s are there to make sure they have job security.

    As for the addresses… I had no problem finding all of them.

    The funny thing about all of this is, Dubli, Dubli Network, nor their attorney’s Grimes & Reese ever debated the issues I raised. Nor did they debate the same issues from others who have brought them up.

    But as I have written… In the end only a court of law will decide.

    Never Give Up,


  12. Troy thanks for the website. Clearly, my points are falling on deaf ears. I hope 2010 will be a great year for Dubli.

  13. I answer this questions directly in all my Dubli posts. If you click on categories and then Dubli Network you will find all your answers.

    Never Give Up,


  14. Regarding the conversation with Tom and Brad. You ever watch Donald Trump’s tv show “The Apprentice”? Sometimes there are scenes in the boardroom when a participant makes a silly comment and addresses a ridiculous question to Mr. Trump. You watch what Mr. Trump is going to say. Then he doesn’t even acknowledge the silly question and moves on to ask something else. I think that’s what happened when you stated “this looks like an elaborate money laundering scheme to me.” That’s just my opinion.

  15. Troy,

    Thanks for keeping tabs on all the MLM companies. You have listed a lot of bullet points and research about Dubli. I don’t claim to be a MLM law expert however here are some simple questions to get on the same page.

    Did the birth of the first Dubli associated company structure start in the USA or on Foreign soil? Yes or No.

    Is the Parent company / main structure subject to the US laws or laws of other various foreign companeis? Yes or No

    Did they start a company bank account outside the US and operated a business long before any US interaction? Yes or No

    If Yes, then naturally the CFO is probably working outside of the USA and the money would flow back to foreign soil. Then later dispersed to wherever it needs to go via wire transfers. I haven’t read anywhere in the backoffices of Dubli BAs, promoting that we should buy Dubli credits, the new “our company currency”, which can then be sent to some BA or customer and cashed in via Auctions or your bank account. What a piece of crap money laundering scheme that would. Pain in the butt too.

    Might as well use E-Gold. Buy that as a currency and at least you can get real money deposited into an offshore bank account using that transfer method. Your website is the only place I can find that even makes such a claim.

    http://www.dubli-invest.com and the unregistered securities. The company started outside the USA so why would they register with the USA market? This is nothing more than to attract the venture capitalists of the world woul want to get a piece of the company and later on it will be given as form of stocks once the company is purchased on a registered securities network. No big deal, as VCs do this anyway. Here 5 million for your company in return I want A, B, and C done.

    Food for thought. The Eurosite for Dubli is connected with Amazon.de. I’m sure their lawyers already did their due diligence when making the decision to partner up with Dubli. Don’t you thnk medianetgroup.com lawyers also completed their share of due dilgence? Would Amazon take the risk that “hey your company helps money laundering in epic proportions” Probably not.

    The internet can’t list all of the addresses for us to find on the internet. Ever go to Google earth and look at an area an realize that the satellite map is outdated? Maybe by 7 years. Maybe your GPS said Kentucky Fried Chicken should be located at this location, but they moved or they aren’t there anymore. Maybe you searched on google for a Jiffy lube. You know one is close to your house but google maps just doesn’t display it. So I guess it just does’t exist, yet you pass by it on the way to work. I know people that went to the distribution facilty. It exists. But maybe they rented a warehouse for the day just to impress the visitors.

  16. Photonic,

    Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

    I would suggest you study the MLM laws which govern Dubli, and then read the others articles I wrote. You have some of your facts wrong… Such as Dubli being a foreign corporation.

    Once you fully understand MLM laws, and understand more about Dubli we can carry on a conversation where we are both starting from the same foundation.

    Agian, thanks for your thoughts.

    Never Give Up,


  17. First of all lets get over the speculation that the money is flowing outside of the US. It’s a freaking foreign company in first place. What else did you expect? Eventually they will get an International bank that works well with whom they use now and has a presence in the USA too. That way it will reduce wire transfer fees. That’s not really Dubli’s fault its just how banks operate.

    I can’t blame a European company wanting to operate a business out of tax-haven friendly countries. It improves the owner’s bottom line. Is it so different than other fortune 500 companies that also create LLC subsidiaries for the purpose of keeping the money flowing away from money grubbing governments charging outrageous percentages for success? Well at least the ones charging ridiculous percentages (USA) on corporate taxes. That’s normal to due business outside the country and keep the money outside too. There are a lot of global companies operating with governments that aren’t such money grubbing bastards that have to resort to sending the IRS to sue a country over US client lists regarding lost tax revenue. As if that’s the reason they can’t sustain and pay their expenses. BS.

    Dubli being a foreign company isn’t doing anything different than what other foreign countries that want to have a US presence and get an operating LLC through the organizer, INC Plan USA. It’s not like they are going to transfer all of their financial assets over and corporate offices and people. Remember, they are foreign anyway. They already established headquarters elsewhere.

    I don’t think Dubli had any idea that someone would compare their Dubli credit as a fictitious currency. It’s just trading your money for a service really. Just call it a fee for doing business with them. Ebay could say if you want to list an item then you need 5 credits. Ok, so Mr. Seller buys 5 credits and lists his item. Now Mr. Seller can sell it on Ebay’s platform. Well, if you want to bid on an item with Dubli, then you need a credit to do that. In a way it is a fee or maybe a membership fee to participate. The only difference is that Costco/Sam’s Club gives you physical membership card with your picture to participate and buy items in their warehouse. Really, only the lawyers could bitch about the launguage and get all bent out of shape.

    You could call the license fee / E-Kit a franchise fee if you want to. If you want operate a McDonalds and make money with them you have to pay a franchise fee. No one is bitching about that. Ok, you want to operate an online business there is always a buy in, a capital investment needed, if you want to build a business. You have to pay to play and build in order to build your business. Well, you want a deal, the consumer pays the fee, gets a credit, bids, and decides if the current price on a Ipod is right for him. If not, move on, either way, Costco made money on the membership and doesn’t mind if you didn’t buy the items in the warehouse. Somebody else will and so Costco makes money, the customer pays what he thinks is a good deal and the cycle continues.

    BA’s earn money on personal customers when they buy credits or when they buy something from the shopping portal. Lets say the BA doesn’t have any credits. Well, then he just doesn’t make a percentage from the Dubli credit sale. If the customer buys some credits from Dubli instead, and then decides to buy shop at Bestbuy. Well, the BA gets a percentage from the customer buying through the shopping portal Meanwhile, the customer himself just made some reward points buying what he wants on top of that. Win – Win. Who else is going to pay you for buying something you wanted anyway from BestBuy? Credit card reward points maybe?

  18. Diana,

    It is very refreshing with a reader is willing to voice their opinions and give a different view of things.

    However, if you read every post I have done on DubLi you will see I validated my point using their own website information. Also I made it very clear that by adding the Shopping Mall it would give them a layer of protection from the FTC. However, Burn Lounge thought they would be protected also, and they fell under the strong arm of the FTC (and that was under a Republican administration.)

    And as I also made very clear only a court of law will be able to make the final decision.

    Again, thank you for your open and honest opinion.

    Never Give Up,


  19. Please note that the information previously posted under “Diana’s last blog” does not belong to this poster.
    .-= Diana´s last blog .. LCD TV Philips 32 PFL 5604 =-.

  20. I totally disagree with the misleading information posted…

    I do believe that Troy is basing his review on traditional MLM businesses – which DuBli is not – it is a totally new business concept using the networking model for an e-commerce business.

    BA’s with DuBli are given the right to purchase “credits” to use on the auction site at a discounted value and then resell them through DuBli to customers, depending on the credit package purchased. The discounted value (5-25%) constitutes the commission paid to the BA. Buy more credits at a lower price thus your profit is greater (Business 101).

    The product is the credit which allows the consumer to “bid” down the price of an item on auction to purchase at a lower price (win-win for consumer and associate).

    The more people participating in the auction, the faster the price goes down.

    On the other hand, the shopping portal is no different than any other online shopping portal where you purchase products from well-known companies – only the customer receives a certain percentage back (depending on the retailer) in cash points that will accumulate in the customer’s account to use online again or redeem for cash.

    BA’s receive a commission on the savings percentage – the more customers you have, the more commissions earned (I have personally used both the auction and shopping sites with great success!).

    The concept is unique and fresh – something the networking industry needs desperately!

    Check out the professional website and try it out – you may actually like what you see…Much success to you… http://www.dubli.com/2364128.

    .-= Diana ´s last blog .. LCD TV Philips 32 PFL 5604 =-.

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  23. I noticed they hired one of the largest con men in the US to handle their marketing. Jonathan Gulla, a major conman been in and out of MLM scams for decades. I have a sister that got into one of his deals in 2004. He was promoting VOIP (internet) phone service in Fort Lauderdale Florida at Pier 66 . She bought into the deal and lost her butt. Seems like she was not the only one Jonathan Gulla also scammed the Owners of the company who were some real high rollers in industry and left them high and dry. One of them was Wayne Huizinga. I am sure they are still looking for this con because he skipped town after he faked building an organization and taking the company for a big ride on his up front fees.

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