Arbonne President Reta Davenport Puts Her Money Where Her Heart Is

Reta Davenport became a mentor of mine long before she rose from an Arbonne distributor to the President of Arbonne. Reta is a true Servant Leader!

Over the last few years we have seen MLM company after MLM company suing each other over everything from distributor stealing to copy-write infringements. We have even seen a well respected family in network marketing split apart due to all this family bickering that has become public, and is being used by the critics to further their venom against the MLM profession.

Yet, through all of this negative garbage coming a leader and her team who truly walk the walk of what Network Marketing is all about.

Now if this is the first time you have heard of Arbonne, I want you to know this is not some upstate MLM. Arbonne is a 25 year old powerhouse in Network Marketing surpassing 250 Million in annual sales, and creating several long term millionaires.

Many years ago when Reta was still just in the field building her distribution organization, she read an article in her local paper about a young mom, who reached out for help to a small social justice organization called the Sojourner Center. However, the center was full on the day this mom reached out for help. Dishartened, depressed, and feeling hopeless this young mom who wanted and needed help, turned away and went back home. The very home she was trying so hard to leave.

This young mom never got a chance to go back to the Sojouner Center, because when she returned home, her abusive husband, the man who has promised to “love, cherish, and hold till death do they part”, stabbed her to death! And if it wasn’t already a devastating story, this abusive husband was also a child abuser, for he stabbed this young mother to death, in front of her children, then stuffed their mother in a closet where she bleed to death.

Reta, with tears running down her face felt a tug on her heart, and starting that day she started raising funds for this small upstate social justice organization. When she first started her fund raising they were still operating out of a trailer.

Her first fund raising goal was $150,000. Now several years latter, being blessed to raise to the position of influence, in a profession known for our selfless giving, she has now helped to raise over $1,000,000 dollars, and this includes from $100,000 to $300,000 individually donated by some of Arbonne’s most successful field leaders.

Arbonne corporate donates $100,000 annually to both the Red Cross and the Sojourner Center.

Reta is a true Servant Leader, and lives by one set of ethics! She is a leader worth following.

Here are some current facts about Domestic Violance in the USA: What can you do to HELP?

– 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime

– On average, husbands and boyfriends in the US murder more than 3 women (they say they love) a day

– In Arizona alone children experience firsthand domestic violence in their homes every 44 minutes.

– Close to 1/3 of college students report domestic violence by their former partners, and 21% report domestic violence by their current partners.

– Over 13% of college women have been stalked – 42% of these by an ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend.

And even with all the support Reta and her team have raised Sojourner Center still must turn away 1/2 of the pleas for help they receive because of limited space.

Please take time to pass this blog post across your social networks, and help us help those who are reaching out! Who knows you may have someone on your team who could use the Sojourner Center.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

* Part’s of this post were drawn from a current article in the Direct Selling Magazine.

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  1. I am writing because I work for a very small grass roots organization that advocates for women who are victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. As you know times are tough, and monies are drying up for us to help others. I wondered if you made donations other than your generous work with the Sojourner Center? And if so, would you please also tell me how to qualify? I heard your name on the Today Show when you donated to the Toy Drive, and today was the day I found your website. Thank you so much. Very Sincerely, Carol A. Rhoades

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