Anthony Robbins An MLM Legend Finally Launches A Blog

Tony Robbins is best known for his TV Informational during the 90’s “Unlimited Power“, and in the last few years with “Get The Edge.”

But, did you know he is also an MLM owner? Through his company EOS International, Inc. he owns Discovery Toys. He also owns TwinLabs who bought one of the fastest growing MLM companies of the 90’s Changes International, and Regal Greeting & Gifts.

SO, why am I writing about this today? Because finally the guru of self-help has finally gotten into the Web 2.0 game, and launched a great new training blog.

Now, although I do not agree with all Tony has ever trained on, he does come across in a logical manner, with training based on science and not just hype.

And is someone who I give credit for giving me some of the tools I needed to change my life forever.

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  1. It's good to see other successful MLM'ers like myself excel in MLM. Keep up the good work Troy! I will bookmark your blog as well and pass it along to my friends.

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