Anonymous Former Zeek Victim Emails The Following: Troy Dooly Is Lying!

Many people who are victims of Zeek Rewards, came to this site for information. From December 2011, until the closure of the company, I provided a place where every red flag, concern, criticism, was covered. However, in September, 2013, I agreed to a SEC Sanction due to the fact I did not fully disclose the contractual agreement my company had with Rex Venture Group, the parent company of Zeek Rewards. You can read the Settlement Agreement by clicking here.

I have added a few “Editor’s Notes below”

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013
Subject: Troy Dooly is Lying!

To whoever this may concern…

I have sat back and watched Troy Dooly get away with all his lies, and watched all of his little sheep support and praise him long enough.

We want to be anonymous only because if Dooly or any of his enablers decide to attack us on line we cannot defend ourselves, and we do not want to get sued by Oceans Avenue or some other friend of his just to get us to shut up.

Editor’s Note: Ocean Avenue, as of the publication of this email, has NEVER sued a former distributor, current distributor, or anyone formerly affiliated with Zeek Rewards. They are currently in several lawsuits with ViSalus Sciences (Click Here and Click Here to review those lawsuits) 


Me and my husband were going to sue Mr. Dooly along with others who convinced us Zeek Rewards was good and safe, and our attorney asked us to gather all this evidence. Then after we paid him $5,000 that he says he used up now he says we are right but we dont have a legal case. In the eyes of the law it was our fault.

Well, I guess maybe it was. Because we trusted Mr. Dooly.

We were going to invest in Zeek Rewards but then found behindmlm and amlmskeptic. But then the person who was trying to sponsor us who I still consider a friend because she was also victim of Doolys same BS told us about Keith Leggos, Kevin Grimes, Jerry Nehra, and how they all supported Zeek Rewards and also that the A.N.M.P gave them their seal of approval. Oh and that we should go to Troy Doolys website to “get all the facts”.

We did, and then only after hearing all of the wonderful reassuring things that he said about Zeek Rewards, and especially his comment to another person that the critics… like the guy at behind mlm… didnt understand the law or the Zeek Rewards business and that he has been to the Zeek Rewards office and met them and deeply investigated them and etc. So we watched all of his videos and read his many comments and decided based entirely on what DOOLY said that it was safe to join Zeek Rewards. So we invested $6,000 in VIP bids. We got a lot of others to join us, and most had skepticism but after we sent them to DOOLYS site they joined. We made about $1,500 but reinvested as we were told 80% of it. Then a few weeks later they got shut down by the SEC. One of our friends that we recruited also wants to join our lawsuit. But now that there is no hope of that we just want the truth to come out about Dooly. We also lost one of our best friends because of him.

We joined and got our lives wrecked because DOOLY told us that…

“This is not something I would call a scam…”

“In my professional opinion Zeek Rewards is not a scam or is being run as a scam.”

“RVG does not run an investment program at all.”

“I do not see RVG or Zeek Rewards specifically as a ponzi.”

“I do not believe Zeek is a pyramid.”

“I do not believe if fits the historical model of a ponzi or pyramid.”

“In my opinion Zeek is NOT a scam or ponzi.”

“I do not believe the company’s compensation fits a ponzi.”

“Zeek Rewards has the compliance in place, they have hired the right people.”

“So, when I look at Zeek, I do not see anything out of the norm, based on my direct selling aka network marketing experience.”

“I addressed the Howey test a while back, and I do not feel Zeek would flunk it at all.”

“I do believe that the company is running a legit business.”

“Zeek Rewards is a viable network marketing company.”

Zeek Rewards is “high risk… But the higher the risk, the higher the reward.”

Zeek Rewards had a “High rate of customer to rep… The ratio of customers to rep is phenomenal, 25 to 1. Next highest I know of, ViSalus. This blows this totally out of the water. This could become the new benchmark.”

Zeek Rewards “is amazing”.

“70% are earning money… in most income earnings statements the majority aren’t earning any money at all… This might even get the critics to wake up and give it a peak.”

“Some powerful stuff going on… impressive to see what’s going on.”

Zeek Reward critics, “really dont know the full picture”.

“Now, as for Behind MLM, Oz is a good blogger… However, in many cases he has seemed to refuse to take into account US law in this situation, or to dig deep into understanding everything surrounding this business model.”

“If you think Zeek Rewards is strong today, keep watching, it will blow your mind.”

“Its safe here, we’re not going to lambast Zeek.”

Zeek Rewards is about to “change forever, to the positive. More will want to be involved, it’s exciting.”

“We have got some great people, come hell or high water, will make sure everything is in place” (Interesting he said “WE”).

“As I have said all along, I do not think this is a Zeek issue, or that the FTC or any other Federal agencies will investigate them specifically.”

“I have found the integrity of Paul Burks and his team way above board.”

“Zeek leadership has gone above and beyond what most companies ever do to get and stay legal.”

Editor’s Notes: Although the above comments are taken out of context, each one I said between Dec 2011 and August 2012 based on the information and personal experience I had with the founder, officers, and 3rd party consultants working with Rex Venture Group. 

However, after following the case since the closure of Zeek Rewards, and reading all the Court Documents, and reporting on the facts that have now come to light through discovery, I firmly believe Rex Venture Group, through Zeek Rewards and Zeekler did operate a Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme. I do not know if this was done by design, or through blatant stupidity, but I am sure a court of law will determine those facts before this saga is finished. 

You can review the Cout Documents by Clicking Here

Yet Dooly still lies today about having never “supported”, “promoted” or “endorsed” Zeek Rewards!

When we watch all his Zeek Rewards videos now knowing he was really getting paid $72,000 to promote them at the time he recorded them it makes me sick to my stomach. And yes it says right in his “Promotional” contract with Zeek Rewards that he agreed to be paid $72,000! The only reason he didnt get all was that they got SHUT DOWN for being a pyramid and ponzi scheme and illegal security before he could get all the money!

Editor’s Note: The above mentioned agreement can be viewed by Clicking Here. 

Afrer they were closed but before he got busted by the SEC he denied he was “endorsing” Zeek Rewards and said his videos were only to “educate” and to “put out facts” about them.

Editor’s Note: I still stand by the above statement.  Unlike a traditional Public Relations Firm, our goal at this blog and when working with certain clients, not not to hide red flags, or squash criticism it is to address it head on and provide answers to the questions and criticisms being raised directly from the company insiders themselves. 

When asked “Are you taking money from MLMs you report on?” he said Zeek Rewards only “covers my expenses when I come in to talk.” That has nothing to do with a NDA. THAT WAS A COMPLETE LIE! And he said this “they only covered my travel expense” lie many times.

Editor’s Note: Due to the fact I did not disclose what “expenses” Rex Venture Group was covering, I was sanctioned by the SEC in September 2013. You can read the full Settlement by Clicking Here.  You can also read the Confidentially Clause and the NDA. 

Still before the SEC action against him and right after Zeek Rewards was shut down, when he was asked  about his compensation, and when he still thought he could keep his promotional deal secret, he said “By FTC standards, I’ve been paid by Zeek Rewards, because we did take money on travel, we had food, we did have people taking care of us”.

When a viewer of his site questioned why he has an offer to do paid reviews listed on his site (which he did at the time but took down after Zeek Rewards was closed) and if he were paid to review Zeek Rewards he said “Since we have never sold a paid review, I will have the team remove it from this site” [complete LIE!]. He said this about a month before Zeek was closed!

When another commenter asked him about getting paid to promote Zeek Rewards he said, “As for getting paid off… Well that is another old theory, which you are entitled.”

Then AFTER the SEC busted him he said…

“Our comments covered both sides of it”, and “I made it very clear throughout our whole sage about Zeek Rewards we wanted a balanced picture, from our very first video to the end”.

He is LYING. On April 7th 2012 he ran his first promotional Zeek Rewards video and said “They’ve been doing everything under the Sun to make this a viable business for their distributors”. Dooly spent much of this video bashing the guy at BehindMLM for saying it was a scam, calling him a “immature, unprofessional” reporter and that his attacks on Zeek rewards was “not good journalism” and Dooly was “saddened” that the BehindMLM guy didnt do his “due-diligence”! His “promotional” agreement started April 9th. After he started getting paid he presented a 99% positive side and only his critics and commenters on his site presented the TRUTH. And even when they did this he would come back and DEFEND Zeek Rewards!

On April 15th, six days after he started getting paid his promotional fee and three days before he attended his first Zeek Rewards function Dooly spent a whole video reading from Network Marketing Business Journals Company of the Month article about Zeek Rewards pretending it was “breaking story” by such a reputable news source. It was a 100% positive commercial for ZEEK REWARDS!!! Then when a guy busted him on this in the comments of a video Dooly posted after they got shut down Dooly LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH by claiming he didnt read the “fine print” and didnt know the Company of the Month article was a PAID ADVERTISEMENT! I have only been in this business for about a year and even I knew this! The part at the end of EVERY such article that says its a paid advertisement is NOT in fine print, its in the same text size and ALL ITALICIZED so you cant miss it! And according to my husband its been there for MANY YEARS! This is such an obvious lie so why no one else call him out on this???

Perhaps the grand daddy of all his lies was this one he said after they got shut down… “Never did we fall back from the fact we thought they could be nailed as a pyramid scheme”. Not only did he NEVER say that in all the months AFTER he started getting PAID by them, he kept saying again and again and positively he thought they were NOT a pyramid!

And then he says… “I didn’t know about unregistered securities or Ponzis, that wasn’t our focus.” Then why did he say again and again things like “In my opinion Zeek is NOT a scam or ponzi” and “I addressed the Howey test a while back, and I do not feel Zeek would flunk it at all.”???

Editor’s Note: We did away with using the word “Scam” several years ago, because only a court of law can determine if a company has been established for the specific purpose of being a scam. 

Unregistered Securities and Ponzis were not and are still not the focus of this community. However, after the Settlement with the SEC, we did determine that it was in the best interest of this community to republish information from other communities that cover the Ponzi world, such as BehindMLM, Patrick Pretty and Ponzi Tracker. 

We actually have much more, but I have said enough. Now Dooly can begin his game of “splitting hairs” and playing games with all my words. He loves to do that I noticed and he is so good at it.

Oh and I forgot to mention… Dooly is also lying when he said “I do all I can not to censor anything thats on MLM Helpdesk” and that he only censors offensive language. I sent all of this evidence to him in a comment under his video about getting busted by the SEC to give him a chance to respond before sending it all to you and others. It said it was “awaiting moderator approval”. That was almost three weeks ago and many comments since then have been approved. He is still lying and still trying to hide it.

Editor’s Note: We use Disqus for our comments, and unless the person commenting registered with that platform to comment, the comment never reaches our platform for moderation. Had the comment came in it would have been published. But so they realize how important their words are, I have made it public here, instead of it getting lost in the comments. 

Editor Update: On November 22, 2013, the above writers email was found in the Disqus spam folder. It had been flagged due to the fact the writer used a bogus account name (Knightime disqus_tJJcfCXctT).  The orignal comment has not been approved and listed as “not spam”.


I hope this helps people see who Mr. Dooly really is.

Good riddance to him.


P.S. Here is why Dooly is also lying now about never building a downline in Oceans Avenue.

Editor’s Note: I never said a downline wasn’t built. I did say I never joined Ocean Avenue, but that my wife did. I also have made it very clear publically several times that due to a conflict of interest with our current clients, we turned the positon over to Travis Flahery before 2013. The autoship on the positon was canceled in the Spring of 2013, and the position was not renewed in 2013, with the small downline rolling up to Travis.

PPS. He also filed for his SECOND bankruptcy in 2011 and was still paying to buy back his assets when he made his deal with the Devil… I mean Zeek Rewards. It is no wonder he accepted $72,000 from Zeek Rewards to be their shill?


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5 thoughts on “Anonymous Former Zeek Victim Emails The Following: Troy Dooly Is Lying!”

  1. Perhaps you are motivated by greed Leo; I am not and neither were the people I personally knew who participated in Zeek Rewards.

  2. All of us smart grown ups people are not 10 year olds but matured individuals, now lets blame TROY lol. Imagine If I ask hey Troy who I don’t know, HEY TROY, would you please lend me $25,000 Dollars? Troy would says, no you dummy I don’t know you, why would I lend you $25,000 Dollars. This person that wrote that letter and everyone else that writes anything similar are 100% in the wrong, figure this out if you wrote Troy like I just did for $25,000 and he for sure would not lend it to a stranger then why would I make a decision on investing a red cent on anything he would say? THE TRUTH IS GREED, at the end each individual makes their own decision, is like saying that Troy place a Gun on your head and said invest in zeek now or die. PEOPLE act like grown ups look yoursefs in the MIRROR and say HI my NAME IS GREED and I lost my money because of that, NO OTHER REASON.

  3. DJ, Thank you for taking time to comment. It’s important that everyone has an opportunity to be heard.

    One small correction to what you wrote. I did not say the “ONLY” way Zeek would be shut down.

    But you are correct, I was very clear, that if the field continued to promote it as an investment and not income opportunity, then that would for sure get it shutdown.

    And in the end the SEC after reviewing everything that was being said on the net, and through their internal investigation into records I and others had no clue existed, found that RVG was in fact running a ponzi and pyramid and selling unregistered securities.

    I am not sure if you watch this video, but after the closure I was sent a copy and published it. Had I seen it anytime during the time Zeek was open I would have ended my agreement and published it then.

  4. I also ultimately chose to become involved with Zeek Rewards on Troy’s assurances similar to what the writer reported above, thereby overriding the correct analysis by behindmlm and patrickpretty whom my sponsor, T Le Mont Silver Sr also assured me were wrong based on his personal experience with the founders and home team. But it was Troy’s assurances I unfortunately relied on. I lost 10K and my team lost 85K, many of whom are in dire circumstances as a result. (T Le Mont by the way can be seen on YouTube from his new sovereign sanctuary offshore I presume in an effort to protect his winnings from clawback. I notified him of the SEC seizure as he was assuring me it would shortly blow over.) I send my best regards to all involved including Troy and T Le Mont. Hindsight is 20/20. I would urge anyone considering any opportunity to always include Oz and Patrick Pretty in their process of due diligence. I am currently experiencing substantial legitimate success with a platform [D$Domination] which is duplicating the Benefit Platform of Zeek (task based customer income aside from the affiliate structure) under a completely different Feature Platform (dropshipping on eBay, which results in an outside influx of revenue). Zeek was enormously appealing because of the opportunity – it seemed – to offer to normal “non recruiter type” individuals to prosper in what is otherwise a rigged and rotten economy. The platform, obviously, was ridden with invisible jeopardy.

  5. I totally respected and enjoyed speaking with Troy at all the ZEEK Red Carpet events and yes Troy you stood there with all the other supposedly “credible” people telling all of us. “The only way ZEEK rewards will ever be shut down is if “you” do the wrong things like calling the bid purchase and investment.” Zeek was not shut down because we called it an investment or did anything else wrong! We all drank your Kool Aid and believed all the other experts as well. In believing and trying to help everyone I brought into the business I will probably lose my home. Never Again!!!

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