An Inside Look at Wake Up Now – They Shared a Vision of Becoming an Iconic Company

Over the last few months I have shot a couple of videos and written on some of the compliance and ethical marketing issues surrounding some of the WUN independent professionals.

The first video addressed calling other network marketing companies scam and using subterfuge marketing tactics:

I Heard “Wake Up Now is a Scam”, No Wait It Was “World Ventures That’s a Scam”, Nope Wait I Think I heard it was “VEMMA That’s a Scam”… All From So Called MLM Pros!

The second video followed up on the same subject, except I addressed what could happen to the Wake Up Now reps if they caused major brand issues for the company:

Wake Up Now Trash Talking Still Going On, Could Wake Up Now Corporate Be Liable In A Court Of Law?

Well, at the first of this month (December 2013) I went to Salt Lake City, to the new international headquarters of Wake Up Now to meet with the executive team, and top field leaders to discuss the current issues and the future of the company.


I went in to the meetings focused on finding out if they were following five basic principles of business.

1. Do they Challenge The Status Quo?

2. Do They Inspired a Shared Vision?

3. Do They Enable Others to Act?

4. Do They Model The Way?

5. Do They Encourage The Heart

Well, I found out the answers above, but I also discovered the 7 fundamental strategies they are using to create explosive growth in the coming year and beyond. They call them Pillars of Inflection!


Pillar One – Service – Who Does Wake Up Now Serve?

Pillar Two – Solution – Is The Wake Up Now Solution Ready For Sale?

Pillar Three – Market – Can Wake Up Now Independent Professionals Sell It?

Pillar Four – Leadership – Can The Leadership Team Execute?

Pillar Five – Organization – Is The Wake Up Now Organization Built To Deliver?

Pillar Six – Financials – Can Wake Up Now Corporate & Independent Profesisonals Make Money?

Pillar Seven – Leverage – Is Wake Up Now Ready To Grow?

Well after two days of listening and asking questions, I flew home and studied my notes. The video above gave the insight I walked away with. There are still some issues facing Wake Up Now as they navigate into the network marketing community.  But, with the dedication and commitment I saw from the executives and their corporate team to delivering quality products and services at current retail prices or below, while providing a fair compensation model to their independent professional sales force, I would say they could become the Iconic company their vision lays out!

Without a doubt it is a huge vision, but with the historical track record the corporate team has in other industries, they defiantly know how to navigate through rough waters. Plus, from the CEO, Kirby Cocharn and the President, Jason Elrod, I received personal guarantees, they want to run a DSA model company in every area of their operations, from the customers to the independent professionals, which I sure found refreshing.

At the end of the day, none of us, know what a company’s leadership will do, or if the field leaders can mentor the team in a way that they stay focused on doing things right, and marketing the products and services in an ethical manner. But from what I saw everyone is sure dedicated to doing just that now and in the future.

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Editor’s Disclosure: I do not hold any current investment positions in Wake Up Now, but do anticipate purchasing stock as soon as the company has all their SEC filing current and the stock is once again available. I am working as a 3rd party consulting with Wake Up Now leadership.




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