Amway .vs MonaVia Are We Seeing Round Two In India?

Amway-India-200x160MonaVie-Mona-Vie-Free-Membership-Month-of-March-6809_imageAmway .vs MonaVie or was it MonaVie .vs Amway, seemed to be in the news almost daily just a few years ago. Then a few months ago, everything seemed to have gotten ironed out, with settlements between these two global MLM companies.

Well, it seems we may seeing these two hammering it out again in India. Not to long ago, the Indian government raided Amway offices without warning, and this issue may be the catalyst as to why some of the top Amway distributors in India have decided to move their organizations over to MonaVie according to the most current report from the Times of India Website.

Amway hobbles as distributors exit

Shenoy Karun, TNN Nov 8, 2011, 04.46AM IST

KOCHI: A significant number of unhappy distributors is leaving Amway India which might make a notable dent on the revenue of the direct marketing company’s operations in the country. During the first phase of the exodus, around 40,000 distributors are estimated to leave within the coming four weeks to join MonaVie, another direct marketing company specialised in health juices, and this may cause a revenue loss of Rs 200 crore to Amway.

The discontented lot of 15 prominent distributors across the country has decided to leave Amway and they are taking along with them a network of smaller distributors called ‘downline’, developed over a period of 13 years of Amway’s operations in India. Read The Full Article Here

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