Alex Morton’s Hypocritical Move From VEMMA to Jeunesse – What We Can Learn.

In October of 2014, Rolling Stone Magazine, reporter Caleb Hannan, wrote a story about Alex Morton called “Selling the Bro Dream: Are Frat Boys Peddling Vemma Suckers?”. Without a doubt, the article was not one of positive praise. It opens with the following story – 


Morton is recalling this catalyzing moment while in the front passenger seat of a white Mercedes sedan speeding down an Arizona highway. To his left sits his unofficial bodyguard and driver, Joe Smith, whom everyone knows by the nickname “Sloppy.” Behind him sits Claudia Chiarelli, Morton’s girlfriend, a 20-year-old aspiring dental hygienist from a Chicago suburb, currently in the midst of an existential crisis caused by Instagram. “OK, seriously, picking a filter is a struggle,” she says.

She is uploading pictures from the previous night, a boozy affair that ended at 6 a.m., after Morton had signed for a $600 bar tab and Sloppy had slept on the stairs of his own house. “I’m so done with clubs,” says Morton, wearing sunglasses on a cloudy late-spring day.

Sometimes referred to online as “King Douche,” Morton is a few months shy of his 25th birthday, has expertly manicured eyebrows and is handsome in the same way that people on TV are handsome: smaller than you expect in real life and with a head just slightly larger than normal. Despite the fact that he walked out of biology class that day, Morton (who did eventually graduate) has claimed to be a millionaire, and the spoils of his recent success are evident wherever you look. The watch on his wrist is a diamond-studded Rolex; his belt and shoes are Louis Vuitton. To discover what’s afforded him these indulgences, one only needs to look at the body panel on the luxury car he’s riding in, which is outfitted with a decal that says VEMMA.

Shortly after this article hit the newsstands and Internet, Morton’s rise began to “whine” down! Parent’s became even more outraged that their kids were following this type of “leader” and based on the current move, he and his family started looking for a new home.

Although, I am a firm believer, independent sales leaders inside direct sales, have the freedom to resign and move to new companies. It must happen in an ethical manner and within the current agreement they have signed.

In the case of Alex Morton, it seems this is not the case, and is what we all need to look at and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes in the future.

The first thing we should look at is, what we post on the internet in one of our social media profiles.

Alex Moron in June posted the following words, praising BK Boreyko and slamming the people who had left his team and Vemma for greener grass.


Sadly, in reading Morton’s post we can see that his ego may have gotten the best of him, based on the fact “65% thought it was the coolest thing ever.” Although having Rolling Stone write about you would be cool, once you read the article and see they made fun of you. And that your actions harmed the very mentor, team and company you say you love – most people would have greater remorse and would do whatever possible to seek forgiveness and to fix the issues.

The next few words are the strongest he wrote, which has caused people to call him a HYPOCRITE!

He calls those who left before him, “cowards, betrayal, weak ass little children, excuse making degenerates.” 

I have personally learned that once spoken, or written our words take on a life of their own. I am sure Morton would love to have made these words disappear, but once on the net, it is there forever!

Does this mean he is now in the same league as those he wrote about – maybe! Or he might see himself in the group he talks about that followed the above words “If there is a legit reason, then leave I respect that.”

I guess the question we should ask is what equates “legit?”  

Is it the fact we see our income dropping?

The fact some of our leaders might be making a move leaving us having to build it again?

Is it we get a BDA that seems to big to pass up?

I don’t know what Morton meant by legit, but I can guess that whatever “it” is, he will claim it as the reason he left Vemma in the stealth of night.

According to Vemma, the resignation letter didn’t go to the man above that Alex stated “has always had my back.” The man he said “drove to his condo to make sure he was ok.”

Nope according to Vemma, it was sent after business hours to the compliance department – why?

Morton wrote this about BK Boreyko…

“love this guy straight up, he truly cares about us & he refuses to lose.” 

Morton didn’t contact Boreyko to talk with him about leaving. He didn’t text to say I’m gone, but thanks for everything. From what we have learned from Vemma, Morton has not even returned any text to Boreyko.

I ask, if this is the kind of love, and loyalty Morton has for Boreyko, what type of loyalty and love will he have for Jeunesse and the Lewis family?


In closing, at the end of the day, we as individuals have to figure out what is best for us as individuals and for our families.

As we see above the whole Morton clan resigned, which tells us, they are doing what they feel is best for them!


Remember, when resigning we are still held to an ethical and legal standard based on what we have stated publicly and within the legal limits outlined in the agreements we have signed.

I have no clue how this will end. I know that when the attorneys get involved, out of the three families involved, Boreyko, Lewis, and Morton, the Morton family seems to be the one with the most to lose.

Let’s learn to be careful with the words we write and speak, both privately as well as in public.

And for sure make sure that if and when you decide it’s time to move to a new company, you do it with ethics and of the highest standards.


Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals