21Ten News: John & Colleen Riddle First Time Network Marketers Winning With Life Shotz

Over the last year I have kept my eye on a couple who are fresh to network markting, John & Collen Riddle. I wanted to see if what Richard Brooke predicted panned out. After watching them for the last 12 months I can tell you Richard was right on two accounts. First, John & Colleen Riddle proved brand new people can still make it in network marketing. And second… Leaders always rise to the top when they seek out other leaders to help them grow! I had the opportunity to interview John & Colleen a few months ago. They are truly an amazing couple.

You can learn more about John & Colleen Roddle by visiting them at… (click Images)

John Riddle 21Ten Leader
Colleen Riddle 21Ten Leader
21Ten Leaders John & Colleen Riddle

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