Breaking Lyoness News: Lyoness Pyramid Scheme Case Thrown Out Of Federal Court

Lyoness, the LOYALTY card shopping company, has won a court case against a governmental consumer watchdog group in Australia, which accused the company of operating a pyramid scheme.

Lyoness Found NOT GUILTY of Running Pyramid Scheme By Australian Court
Lyoness released the following statement:

23 October 2015

Lyoness welcomes court dismissal of ACCC pyramid scheme case

Lyoness, the international customer shopping network, welcomes the decision today of the Federal Court of Australia dismissing the claims of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that the Lyoness Loyalty Program was a pyramid scheme and involved unlawful referral selling.

Lyoness has at all times denied the allegations and defended the Court proceedings.

“Lyoness welcomes the judgement. At every stage we have wholly rejected the allegations raised by the ACCC,” said James O’Sullivan, Lyoness Managing Director for Australia.

“As a company, Lyoness is committed to compliance with consumer laws in every country we operate in”.

“We look forward to continuing to provide a great shopping and loyalty experience for our members and merchants,” James concluded.

Lyoness thanks its members and merchants for their continuing support.

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Does Game Loot Network Make Sense For Network Marketing?

Over the last few years I have been studying the gaming industry and how gamification worked inside other verticals and in some cases what seemed like totally unrelated industries.

Have you Heard Of The Game Loot Network? The First Gaming Platform Of Its Kind!
I’ve also been watching how small game development studies would self-fund some of their games by incentivizing the players to upgrade, answer surveys, or just down right pay cash to rank up, add a weapon or gain additional help from other players.

So, when MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson  introduced me to Lance Baker, I was more than just passively interested in what he and his team were developing.

The Rest Of The Story…Does Game Loot Network Make Sense For Network Marketing?

Vemma Files Emergency Motion With Courts For Approval Of New Comp Plan

Friday, October 16th, 2015, the Vemma legal team filed an emergency motion in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA, to move the Court for an order approving the revised compensation plan attached hereto as Exhibit “1” (the “Revised Compensation Plan”).

Vemma Files Emergency Motion For New Comp Plan Approval
VemmaFrom the supporting documentation filed the FTC may have decided to change their argument from “just” the way Vemma markets their income opportunity, and using standard benchmarks like the Koscot test and BurnLounge opinion, to deciding that the “binary” compensation structure in and of itself is the real issue behind their complaint.

If this is not a misunderstanding on the side of the Vemma legal team, then it will be the first time since the Binary was crafted in the mid-90s, that any regulator has called the structure in and of itself into question.

The Rest Of The Story…Vemma Files Emergency Motion With Courts For Approval Of New Comp Plan