MLM Help Desk Responses to VoiParty Top Distributor

This top VoiParty distributor wrote an excellent response to the MLM Scam Alert we published back in January on VoiParty. Although our stance has not changed, I respect this leader, and his ability to share with the world what he feels is a very powerful business model and MLM opportunity.

I will be putting specific video’s inside of his letter where I have responded to help both the reader, and to explain my points in more detail.


Being a VoiParty member now for over two months and someone who has made it their business to learn as much as they possibly could about who is behind the company and what the down range plans are I can tell you that you’ve jumped to a lot of shortsighted conclusions and instead of seeking more information directly from the company which would be the professional thing to do in such a situation, you have instead engaged in irresponsible journalism.

Troy’s Response: How could I have “jumped to conclusions” when all I did was use the verbiage off the companies official website? See what I did is exactly what the FTC and AG’s do when they launch an investigation. However, all I did was issue a Scam Alert. Just as you expect professional journalism, I expect a company to promote themselves in a professional manner.

I can’t in good conscience let that stand in a public forum without presenting another viewpoint informed by proper due diligence.

Troy’s Response: I respect your position.

I do appreciate your pointing out the improper use of the word “investment” and I will implore the principles to strike it from any appearances in print and re-record any presentations where that word may have been used.

The problem is that the word means something different in general usage than it does within law but in matters of law no general usage is acknowledged as law gains its force by not allowing for any ambiguity.
Troy’s Response: I respectfully disagree. An investment always has, and always will mean money. Yep, it also means other things. But when a business is promoting the opportunity, it a foregone conclusion when the word INVESTMENT is used, money is involved.

You and I both know that the word ‘investment’ in VoiParty presentations has been used in the casual sense of committing time and money to an endeavor in hopes of earning something back for one’s efforts. Case in point about common usage is that in last week’s State of the Union Address, Obama said we need to ‘invest’ in green and sustainable technologies.

Troy’s Response: I will agree that it very well can also include these things, but I still believe the FTC and AGs will see MONEY as the investment. In all my years in business, I have never seen a company present their opportunity, and tell folks, “we want you to invest everything BUT your money.”

No one has ever been presented with the solicitation of a regulated security in VoiParty; that’s ridiculous of course, and yet the AGs and the FTC could pounce if they wanted to because in their domain that word has a legal definition so you are right that Voiparty should tighten up their act.

Troy’s Response: I do not believe I may any reference to a regulated security, or a non-regulated security for that matter.

The only other thing that you were right about is this statement you made in a comment, “Based on the limited information available…”

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