TVI Express Compensation Plan Is Explained By TVI Express Leader Kelly Williams

This post was updated on January 16th, 2010 after Mr. Kelly Williams contacted me with the following request…

“I am requesting you take my TVI business review videos off of your site. For the past 6 weeks or so I have not only stopped promoting TVI but have tirelessly tried to get answers and resolutions from TVI about issues I felt critical for the long term success and viability or their company with absolutely no response from them whatsoever.

After repeated promises from support staff that a decision maker would get back with me and even several calls setup by a founding distributor in India that ended up with no one even on the call, it was apparent my determination to help is simply landing on deaf ears. This left me with very unsettled feelings to their legitimacy and commitment to those in the trenches building their company.

Further research and investigating on various regulatory agencies sites added to my uneasy feelings and I increased my efforts to get their attention, to no avail, leaving me then with the following personal opinion.

Take it for what it is worth…

What appeared from the surface when I first researched TVI and then read your review, was an “outsider” looking in and taking shots at what appeared to me to be a great program, has now come full circle. Perhaps I and others should have been less critical of your stance and more diligent in our research and demanding of TVI.

I have since come to experience something so different from the inside. What appears, by the eye catching website and sensitive tag line, “Touching Lives Globally” is simply a mirror with deceit behind it’s reflective coating. With founders and decision makers nowhere to be found and office locations with no TVI representatives there, coupled with a promoted product that very few have
actually used, the reality behind their existence screams quite loudly to me.

They were created for one reason only and it is highly unlikely they will come out and tell us what that reason really is, but we all know.

The sad tale behind it all is the fact they did it all in the name of goodwill. I believe TVI has put so many wonderful
people simply trying to survive and help their families in today’s tight and turbulent economy and help others along the way
in jeopardy of damaging or even destroying their hard earned credibility.

It is simply an evil thing they have done!

Many are calling what I have chosen to do by sharing my experiences and opinion, evil.

I guess we are all entitled to our opinions but I feel when I see a train wreck, it is my responsibility to warn the passengers.

So I ask you to please remove the videos from your site so that I might put this ugly chapter behind me. I appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

If you would like to discuss this with me further over the phone, I would be happy to do so.

To Your Success,

Kelly Williams
“Make It A Pajama Commute”

I have always felt Kelly was a man of integrity, and although we disagreed with TVi, he did an excellent job of explaining the compensation plan at the time.

This public announcement is also the sign of a true Servant Leader. One who is willing to put his team first above all else.

The Rest Of The Story…TVI Express Compensation Plan Is Explained By TVI Express Leader Kelly Williams

MLM Scam Update John Piro Exposes Troy Dooly’s Hidden Agenda At MLM Help Desk

MLM Scam Update: John Piro exposes Troy Dooly’s hidden agenda at MLM Help Desk. Now some of you may be wondering… If John exposed “Troy’s hidden agenda,” why is Troy writing about it?

Here is what John wrote in my comment section:(excerpt)

“Does anyone seriously believe the celebrity names mentioned in the TVI Express website would be supporting a Scam??? I loved reading Troy’s review on TVI. While Troy is positioning himself as an authority…right , wrong or indifferent…doesn’t anyone understand what Troy is doing? Troy is an extremely astute individual and is manipulating the internet to serve his own agenda… constantly making a name for himself by writing these articles capitalizing on the people who will viral spread this information and promote his name. Troy is playing everyone! Much of what Troy says is logical. But again …right , wrong or indifferent…the bottom line Troy is capitalizing on those that will forward this out for him and is getting you to opt in to his list and then selling you his (Troy Edited Out Of Original Comment) So what do you think about the validity of Troy’s analysis especially when he speak sof 3 Boards when there are only 2??????????? I think Troy needs to do his homework again. You Go Troy!!! There you go spreading false rumors. John Piro (Troy edited contact info out, see original comment)

At first, I was just going to post and not address his statements, because I see the numbers every day, and know most folks are not visiting the TVI Express post. However, the most I thought about it the more I realized his comment, was focused more on the Subscribers and Readers if MLM Help Desk, than me specifically.

But, just to make sure we are all on the same page I decided to write on the main points he addresses.

The Rest Of The Story…MLM Scam Update John Piro Exposes Troy Dooly’s Hidden Agenda At MLM Help Desk